The article 239AA of the constitution of India has some special provisions with respect to Delhi whereby some items of the state list are not applicable to Delhi. Which among the following include such items?
1. Public order
2. Police
3. Land
4. Education
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1, 2 & 3

Under article 239 AA the legislative assembly of National Capital Territory of Delhi has also these powers with the exceptions that Entries 1, 2 and 18 of the List II are not within the legislative competence of the legislative assembly.

Certain categories of Bills, require the prior approval of the Central Government for introduction in the legislative assembly. Some Bills, passed by the legislative assembly of the Union Territory of Puducherry and National Capital Territory of Delhi are required to be reserved for consideration and assent of the President.

The Assembly cannot pass a law that is in contravention to the Centre’s law. The bill passed by centre is done only after political calculations of central government.

The Full State has some crucial powers which a Half State does not have such as land, public order, police, health and education, traffic police, Licensing.

These UTs even cannot take a foreign loan or raise money from the market.

If the half state wants all above power under their control then a constitutional amendment is necessary.

Delhi Police:

Delhi police does not fall under Delhi state government; it reports directly to Union Home Ministry.

Land matters:

Here the files of land acquisition come to the Chief Secretary of state, but the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) files goes to Lieutenant Governors who is the chairman of DDA. Whereas, this matter in the Full States comes under Chief Minister.

Power with Delhi government:

Delhi government has Jal Board, Power, Transport, PWD, Health (minus health and sanitation, which is with MCD), and Education (minus some primary schools).

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