Consider the following GI protected agricultural products of India and their respective states:
1. Palakkadan Matta Rice→Kerala
2. Kalanamak Rice→Madhya Pradesh
3. Fazli Mango→Uttar Pradesh
Which among the above is / are correct matches:

Answer: [A] Only 1

The above three are GI protected farm products of India.

Palakkadan Matta

The Palakkadan Matta is an indigenous variety of rice grown in Palakkad district of Kerala. It is described as a bold rice with distinct flavour.

Kalanamak Rice

Kalanamak, a non basmati scented rice variety grown primarily in the tarai region of Uttar Pradesh, is so named because its husk is black. The variety has raised much hope amongst Indian farmers and rice-exporters due to traits superior even to the most preferred basmati.

Fazli Mango

Fazli Mango is predominantly grown in Malda and neighboring districts of West Bengal.

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