Consider the following dams / projects making news in recent times:
1. Maheshwar power project
2. Omkareshwar project
3. Jayakwadi Dam
Which among the following is the correct set of states in which they are located?

Answer: [B] Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra

Maheshwar power project

The 400-Mw Maheshwar power project in the Narmada valley in Madhya Pradesh is facing a possibility of cancellation, as the state government has been advised to scrap the power purchase agreement (PPA) signed with them two decades ago.

Omkareshwar project

The Omkareshwar Project was conceived in 1965 as irrigation and power dam to be built in the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. The Omkareshwar project lies along the bank of Narmada and the Cauvery River. It is one of the 30 large dams built in the Narmada Valley.

Jayakwadi Dam

In 2013, Bombay High Court has directed Maharashtra Government to release Water into the Jayakwadi Dam. Jayakwadi Dam is located on Godavari river at the site of Jayakawadi village in Paithan taluka of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra state of India.’

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