The government of India has launched a new initiative called MeghRaj. What is this MeghRaj?

Answer: [B] It's a new project related to Cloud Computing

MeghRaj: To harness the benefits of cloud technology, DeitY has initiated a project named as ‘MeghRaj’ for creating a Government of India cloud (GI Cloud) computing environment at the national level. This will act as a common repository of cloud-based infrastructure resources and applications available on demand. The GI Cloud is envisaged to provide the following outcomes: Optional utilisation of ICT infrastructure; Speedy development and deployment of e-Gov applications; Quick replication of successful applications; and e-Gov. App Store hosting certified applications.

Major components of GI Cloud include the following: Cloud computing platforms at national and state levels; eGov App Store to host and run applications; GI Cloud Services Directory to act as the single window for service delivery; Common set of protocols, guidelines and standards for GI Cloud; An institutional mechanism to operate and manage the GI Cloud; and Centre of Excellence for cloud computing.

Current status of Cloud initiative is as follows:

  1. Phase-I for implementing National Cloud has been approved at a cost of Rs. 99 cr.
  2. An e-Gov-App Store with 20 applications has been launched on 31st May, 2013.
  3. SFC approval for application store augmentation has been approved at a cost of 81 crore.

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