Consider the following statements:
1. Largest fraction of electricity generated in India is coal based
2. Majority of imported coal in India is used in electricity production
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [A] Only 1

Bits on Coal import and Usage
First statement is correct – We are more dependent on coal

Around 54 % of the total installed electricity generation capacity is coal based in India and 67% of the capacity planned to be added during the 11  Five year Plan period (2007-12), is also coal based. Furthermore, over 70 % of the electricity generated is from coal based power plants. These data prove the coal dependence of Indian economy.

Second statement is incorrect   – Maximum use of imported coal is in Iron and Steel Industry

At present, India imports about  85  million  tons  of  coal.  Out  of  this,  about  25  million  tons  is metallurgical coking coal for the iron & steel industry.  The balance is thermal coal used by power plants (50%),  cement  industry  (17%)  and  other  industries  (33%).  Presently,  main  sources  of  thermal  coal imports are Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Canada, Mozambique and the USA are amongst  the  emerging  supply  sources. Present  coal  handling  capacity  at  the  ports  is  around  85-90 million tons per annum. This has to be augmented to at least 120 million tons per annum in next two years. Further it has to be doubled the present capacity by the end of the 12  Five Year Plan period.


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