During the period in which the Lok Sabha speaker holds his / her office, which among the following conditions must be fulfilled?
1. Lok Sabha speaker must be a member of Lok Sabha
2. Lok Sabha speaker must enjoy the pleasure of president
3. Lok Sabha must NOT be dissolved
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1

·         Two members of Lok Sabha will be chosen as Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

·         The Speaker shall vacate the office if he/ she cease to be a member of Lok Sabha.

·         The Speaker will write resignation to Deputy Speaker and Deputy Speaker will resign to speaker.

·         Can be removed by the Lok Sabha members by majority.

·         After the Lok Sabha gets dissolved, the Speaker will not immediately vacate the office but will continue till the first meeting after the next elections.

·         If the Speaker is NOT present, his duty will be carried out by Deputy Speaker.

·         If Deputy Speaker is also not present, a person appointed by President will discharge the duties.

·         The speaker or Deputy speaker will not preside the house, while a resolution for his/ her removal from the office is under consideration.

·         While a resolution for his/ her removal is under consideration, he / she shall be able to speak but not eligible to cast the “Casting Vote”.

·         The salaries and allowances of the Chairman/ Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and Speaker / Deputy Speaker will be decided as per the law by parliament.

·         Each house of the parliament shall have a separate secretariat staff.

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