Alpine Tundra:
1. is located outside polar regions
2. has permafrost as most remarkable feature
3. has similar flora and fauna as that of polar regions
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

Answer: [A] Only 1

While the Arctic Tundra is located in Polar regions, the Alpine tundra is located on mountains throughout the world at high altitude  where trees cannot grow. Alps and Pyrenees of Europe, the Rift Mountains of Africa (such as Mount Kilimanjaro), and a  large portion of the Tibetan Plateau are best examples of Alpine Tundra.  The growing season is approximately 180 days. The nighttime temperature is usually below freezing.  The major difference between the arctic Tundra and Alpine Tundra is that unlike the arctic tundra, the soil in the alpine is well  drained.  The Alpine Tundra does not have permafrost.  The plants  of Alpine Tundra  are very similar to those of the arctic ones, however there is a major difference in the fauna of Arctic  Tundra and Alpine Tundra. Kea parrot, marmot, mountain goats, chinchilla, woodland caribou, and pika are some of the best  known species of Alpine Tundra.

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