With reference to the tropical rain forests, the major characteristics is / are:
1. Almost absent “Fall” or “Autumn” seasons
2. Thick ground vegetation
3. Great biodiversity
4. Abundance of birds with expansive wings
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] 1& 3

In this question, the fourth statement is also incorrect. The Birds in the rainforest do not have expansive wing spans like eagles, but have wings shaped that enable them to manoeuvre more easily around the trees and plants of the rainforest, as there is not a lot of flying space in the rainforest. Gliders can live in the rianforest: their skin membranes enable them to glide between trees without even descending to the forest floor where predators may lurk.

Birds of the rainforest have specially shaped beaks and bills to help them find food. Some species of parrots live in the rainforest; parrots have strong, curved beaks to help them crack hard nuts and seeds. They also have strong claws on the feet which are usually adapted for climbing. Other birds have a long, slim, straight bill which may help them get nectar from within flowers, to pick berries or to grab hold of snails to crush them and eat them. Another unique adaptation of rainforest animals is the case of the glowworm – its bioluminescence lures prey into its special snares in the rainforest.

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