Consider the following statements:
1. The Battle of Chinsura was a death blow to Dutch empire of India
2. After the Battle of Wandiwash, the French were disallowed to have trading posts in India
3. Battle of Wandiwash was a death blow to French empire in India
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

Answer: [B] 1 & 3 are correct

The Battle of Wandiwish ended with Treaty of 1763. As per terms of this treaty, the Chandranagar and Pondicherry was returned to France. The French were now allowed to have trading posts in India but forbade French traders from administering them. So statement 2 is incorrect. The Battle of Wandiwish was the last nail in the coffin of the French ambitions of an Indian Empire and only after this the British became dominant power in India. So statement 3 is correct. The first statement is also correct, because After Battle of Chinsura, we don’t find any significant remnants of the Dutch in India.

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