In recent decades, breeder reactors are of research interest. Which among the following statements with this reference is / are correct?
1. A breeder reactor produces more fissionable material than it burns
2. Breeder reactors are known for low fuel efficiency
3. Breeder reactors can be helpful in controlling nuclear waste
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] Only 1 & 3

A breeder reactor is a nuclear reactor capable of generating more fissile material than it consumes because its neutron economy is high enough to breed fissile fuel from fertile material like uranium-238 or thorium-232. Breeders were at first considered attractive because of their superior fuel economy compared to light water reactors. Interest in breeders declined after the 1960s as more uranium reserves were found and new methods of uranium enrichment reduced fuel costs. In more recent decades, breeder reactors are again of research interest as a means of controlling nuclear waste and closing the nuclear fuel cycle.

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