If we consider that number of total number of Lok Sabha members is 200 and total number of Rajya Sabha members is 100, then as per provisions of Constitution of India, what can be the maximum number of ministers in the Council of Ministers including the Prime minister?

Answer: [B] 30

Article 75(1A) : The total number of Ministers, including the Prime Minister, in the Council of Ministers shall not exceed fifteen per cent. Of the total number of members of the House of the People.
The question mentions that there are 200 members in Lok Sabha to number of ministers can be 30 maximum. In actual, the maximum strength of the House envisaged by the Constitution is 552, which is made up by election of up to 530 members to represent the States, up to 20 members to represent the Union Territories and not more than two members of the Anglo-Indian Community to be nominated by the Hon’ble President, if, in his/her opinion, that community is not adequately represented in the House. The current number is 545 so roughly it comes out to be 81-82 members of the Council of Ministers.

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