With reference to Queen Victoria, which among the following statements is / are correct?
1.She practically acted as a Constitutional Sovereign of India giving approval to the policies advised by her ministers
2.She visited India only Once
3.She had liberal personal views towards India
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [B] Only 1 & 3

Queen Victoria became popular in India after the administration of India was transferred from the East India Company to the crown of England in 1858 and a Proclamation of that change was announced in India. The first statement is correct, as in the matters of Indian administration she practically acted as a constitutional head of the country and acted as per advice of the ministers. The Third statement is also correct as some of the liberal principles enunciated in the proclamation of 1858 were her own personal liberal views towards India. The second statement is incorrect. She never visited India.

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