How the Parliamentary Committees are different from Parliamentary fora?
1. While the Parliamentary committees consist of only members of parliament, Parliamentary fora can have members from outside the parliament also
2. While the term of members of Parliamentary committees is usually limited to one or two years; term of members of for a is co-terminus with their membership in the respective Houses
3. While Parliamentary committees have secretariat, Parliamentary for a have no secretariat
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [B] Only 2 & 3

The first statement is incorrect. Parliamentary fora have members of parliament only. The main objective behind the constitution of the five Parliamentary Fora is to provide a platform to the members to have interaction with Ministers concerned, experts and key officials from the nodal Ministries with a view to have a focused and meaningful discussion on critical issues with a result-
oriented approach for speeding up the implementation process.
The second statement is correct. Term of Office The term of the office of members of the Forum remainse co-terminus with their membership in the respective Houses. A member may also resign from the Forum by writing under his/her hand, addressed to the Chairman, Rajya Sabha, or the Speaker, Lok Sabha, as the case may be.
Third statement is correct. Parliamentary committees are provided secretariat by Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. This is not a case with fora.

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