With delivering a lecture titled “Swadeshi Samaj” who among the following proposed a self-help based comprehensive reorganization of rural Bengal in the first decade of 20th century?

Answer: [B] Rabindra Nath Tagore

“Swadeshi Samaj” was actually an essay / lecture of Gurudev, which came out of his frustration over the Governments decision to split Bengal in two pieces. In this lecture he had proposed that there should be a self help based reorganization of Rural Bengal , than the proposed partition. The idea was not sold to the British, but in 1905, along with Byomkesh Mustafi, an attempt was made to bring out a detailed blue print of this programme which apart from other things such as promotion of Swadeshi Arts and crafts, Gyms, Dispensaries etc. the plan was to launch Bangla  Medium schools.

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