The Indian Home Rule League and Home Rule League:
1. were both started simultaneously
2. both worked in similar areas
3. had Commonweal and New India as their respective newspapers
Which among the above is / are correct statements?

Answer: [D] None of them

None of the statements are correct. Annie Besant wanted to rejuvenate the party which had become defunct after the Surat Split. She wanted a movement for Home Rule on the lines of the Irish Home Rule League. For this purpose she wanted sanction and cooperation from Congress and also from extremists, which she could never get. The two papers New India and Commonweal were started by her.
Even when Besant was planning, Tilak started the Home Rule League from Pune in April 1916. He too wanted to maintain his Maharashtra base. His Home Rule League was confined to Maharashtra, Central Province and the Karnataka region. Annie Besant founded Home Rule League in September 1916, with George Arundale as Organisation Secretary, C.C. Rama Swamy Ayyar as General Secretary, and B.P. Wadia as Treasurer, and she herself as President.
Both, Annie Besant and Tilak had similar goals and were in the same party, yet individually they formed two separate Home Rules because, as she herself clarified, the followers of the one did not like the other. But they showed maturity and divided the area of their work. Tilak’s League was active in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Central Provinces and Berar, and Annie Besant’s League was active in the rest of India.

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