Which of the following is the chief characteristic of Multi-cropping?

Answer: [A] Planting of more than one crop on the same plot of land

The definition given in first statement is correct. The second statement is definition of crop rotation. Crop rotation occurs when one crop is planted on a plot of land and then switched to another plot in subsequent years. Multi-cropping involves the  planting of more than one crop on the same plot of land. In contrast to monoculture, this is an intensive strategy where crops are either planted together simultaneously or when one crop is planted right after another in the same row. For instance, after summer vegetables are harvested, winter vegetables and cold-tolerant plants like kale and spinach can be planted and harvested before the freeze. Double cropping implies planting two crops one after another on a single plot in a year, and triple cropping means three crops in the same year. These practices often rely on fertilizers and irrigation, especially in dry-land growing areas such as Southern California’s Imperial Valle

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