The sustainability of large urban areas with sprawling suburbs can be improved by__:
1. Converting larger areas of agricultural land to housing
2. Constructing integrated public transit systems
3. Decreasing government spending on manufacturing industries
4. Encourage use of public transport system
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] 2 & 4

The question asks which actions can increase the sustainability of large cities with sprawling suburbs. There are a number of major issues associated with sprawl, including land use, transportation, schools, recreation, and the revitalization of old downtowns. Constructing public transit increases the sustainability, or livability, of a suburban area. Sustainable land use would use less agricultural land. Even over the long-term, the costs of education programs and new school construction generally exceed the property taxes collected on new homes. Encourage use of public transport system  decrease the number of cars on the road

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