The Saddler Commission recommended for :
1. Creation of Boards of Secondary Education in the Provinces
2. Making Education a Provincial Subject
3. Separation of secondary education from the University education
4. Establishment of University Grants Commission
Select the correct statements from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1, 2 & 3

The successors of Lord Curzon did not take any active interest in the improvement of the education system. The education system was ‘overloaded’ and the  universities worked merely as examining bodies. A fresh commission under Dr. M E Saddler of Leeds University was set up to study and report the problems of university education. This was called Saddler Commission or Calcutta University Commission.

Important Points:

  • The major objective of this commission was to free the universities from the burden of the secondary education, so that the wholly focus on the Higher education. This resulted in the creation of Board of secondary education in the Provinces; United Provinces was the first to have such board.
  • The secondary education was separated from the University education and admission to the university was upgraded from metric level to intermediate level.
  • The Saddler Commission also recommended the use of mother tongue as a medium of instruction in the intermediate colleges. The Education was made a ” provincial subject”.
  • Creation of Inter University Board for coordination among the universities.
  • As far as Calcutta University is concerned, this commission gave the following recommendations:
  • More powers should be given to the university.
  • A full time paid Vice Chancellor should be appointed in the University.
  • Provisions should be made to differentiate the Pass Course from the Honors course.
  • A residential university should be established at Dhaka.
  • A special board of women education should be set up in Calcutta University.

The above recommendations were accepted and implemented in due course of time. After independence UGC was established in 1953 with the recommendation of a similar Radha Krishna Commission.

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