Consider the following observations:
1.Albedo of clouds is lesser to that of soils
2.The oceans have a low Albedo in comparison to Deserts
3.The Tropical Rainforests have the lowest albedo on the Earth
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [B] Only 2 & 3

First statement is basic and incorrect. Oceans have a lower albedo than deserts, this is a correct statement. The tropical Rainforests have a low Albedo and as such, more solar radiation is absorbed. A percentage in the region of 5-15% is estimated as the albedo for tropical forests. With deforestation, the albedo decreases further and studies have shown that the temperature of a deforested area actually increases by 5°F over a year. An increase in surface temperature will lead to warm air which will rise, leading to low, cooler pressure areas.

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