Consider the following:
Assertion: Sugarcane plant is capable of Nitrogen Fixation
Reason: The roots of Sugarcane plants are home to a variety of Nitrogen fixation bacteria
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [A] Assertion is correct, Reason is incorrect

The first statement is correct because some sugarcane varieties are known to be capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen in association with a bacterium called Glucoacetobacter diazotrophicus. But, second statement is incorrect because, in contrary to legumes and other nitrogen fixing plants which form root nodules in the soil in association with bacteria, G. diazotrophicus lives within the intercellular spaces of the sugarcane’s stem. Please note that if you are given some options such as Potato, Wheat,  Barley and Sugarcane and asked which of them would requires maximum amount of N, the answer would be Sugarcane.

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