Consider the following statements:
1. Mysore Paintings and Tanjore Paintings are offshoots of Vijayanagar School of Painting
2. Deccani Paintings are offshoots of Mughal School of Painting
Which among the above is / are correct statements?

Answer: [A] Only 1

The second statement is now correct. The Deccani painting initially absorbed influences of the northern tradition of the pre-Mughal painting of Malwa, and of the southern tradition of the Vijayanagar School of painting (this school was rather known for Murals and Frescoes and not the miniatures and it also influenced the Mysore and Tanjore Schools. These influences are evident in the treatment of female types and costumes in the earliest deccani paintings.

The above statement also implies that the Deccani school developed independent of the Mughal style in the beginning, but later, as the mughal artists started migrating to down south, the schools of deccan show the influence of Mughal style. Influence of the Mughal painters who migrated to the Deccan during the period of Aurangzeb was responsible for the development of various other centres of paintings in Deccan such as Hyderabad.

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