Consider the following comparisons of the Aryans and Indus Valley People:
1. Aryans were predominantly rural, while Indus Valley people were predominantly urban
2. Aryans generally possessed weapons, Indus Valley people were peace loving and possessed almost no offensive weapons
3. Aryans kept horses, Indus Valley people never knew about Horse
4. Aryans had great reverence for cow, Indus Valley people had great reverence for Bull.
5. Aryan society was predominantly patriarchal, Indus Valley Civilization predominantly was matriarchal
Which among the above are correct?

Answer: [C] 1, 2, 4, 5

Whether horse was there or not in Indus Valley Civilization has been a subject of debate. There is no clear no about horse, the evidences have been found.  Stylized horse and horse saddles have been found in some parts of the Civilization. Thus we eliminate this statement. Please note that massive humped bull appears on many seals and it seems that Bull was revered by the Indus valley people. Aryans had more economic sense and they worshipped cow mother, though they kept sacrificing cow also. The most frequent animal appearing on the Indus Valley seals (never in round seals) was unicorn-the mythical beast. The society of Indus people was predominantly matriarchal, evidences are the beautiful figurines of mother goddess and other women. They did not know thc role of man in ch.ild birth perhaps and mother was responsible for caring for her kids. Aryans worshiped for a son and the society was predominantly patriarchal.

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