Consider the following:
1. Jelly Fish
2. Star Fish
3. Cuttle Fish
4. Silver Fish
Which among the above is / are true fishes (Pisces) ?

Answer: [D] None of them

Note down the common animals whose name is suffixed by fish but none of them is a true fish.

  1. Jelly fish- Aurelia (Coelenterate)
  2. Shell fish- a) oyster and other mollusks b) Lobster and other crustaceans
  3. Razor fish- Used both for a true fish Xyrichthyes species as well as Solen, a bivalve.
  4. Silver fish – Lepisma (a mollusc)
  5. Cuttle fish- Sepia (a mollusc)
  6. Devil fish- Octopus( a mollusc)
  7. Whale – Whale (Aquatic mammal)
  8. Starfish- Asterias (Echinoderm)

More Information on Star Fish

Starfish are also known as sea stars and are not really fish despite the name been given to them. These are echinoderms, which are found abundant in the deep blue seas and shallow waters as well.  The characteristic feature of the starfish is the 5 (or even more) arms. The

surface of these arms is often spiky in appearance. An interesting fact about the starfish is that it has two stomachs. The cardiac stomach can help the starfish to engulf food outside its body. When the cardiac stomach comes back into the body, the food in it is transferred to the pyloric stomach. Starfish are found in all the oceans around the world. A large variety of the same is seen in the tropical area of the Indo-Pacific. These also live in the coral reefs and seabed that are really at great depths. Starfish are never found in freshwater. In case a starfish loses its arm, it is capable of regenerating the same

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