Consider the following:

1. Rice Producing Areas of India

2. Wheat Producing Areas of India

3. Millet Producing Areas of India

4. Plantation Crops producing areas of India

Roughly, which among the following sets of India’s geographical regions represent the above?

Answer: [B] North East, North, West, South

Rice region

This extends from the eastern part to include a very large part o the north-eastern and south-eastern India with another strip along the western coast.

Wheat region

This extends to most of the northern, western and central India.

Millet-Sorghum region

This covers Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and the Deccan Plateau in the centre of the Indian peninsula.

Plantation crops region

In Assam and the hills of Southern India tea is produced. Coffee is produced in the hills of the western peninsular India. Rubber is grown in Kerala and some of the North-Eastern States like Tripura. Spices grown in Kerala, parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Temperate Himalayan Region

This region is spread over Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and some adjoining areas. Here potatoes

are as important as a cereal crops (which are mainly maize and rice) and the tree-fruits form a large part of agricultural production.

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