Which among the following represent both magnitude and direction?
1. Frequency of house current
2. Mass of a stone
3. Displacement
4. Velocity
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [D] Only 3 & 4

This question is asking about the difference scalar and vector quantities. A scalar quantity has only magnitude and is completely specified by a number and a unit. Examples are mass (a stone has a mass of 2 kg), volume (a bottle has a volume of 1.5 liters), and frequency (house current has a frequency of 50 Hz). Scalar quantities of the same kind are added by using ordinary arithmetic. A vector quantity has both magnitude and direction. Examples are displacement (an airplane has flown 200 km to the southwest), velocity (a car is moving 60 km/h to the north), and force (a person applies an upward force of 25 newtons to a package). Symbols of vector quantities are printed in boldface type (v = velocity, F = force). When vector quantities of the same kind are added, their directions must be taken into account.

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