Each term of which of the following sets denotes a kind of tax / cess during Gupta Era?

Answer: [B] Bali, Udranga, Hiranya

Various forms of taxes / cess in Gupta era are as follows:

  • Bhaga 1 /6th share of produce ‘
  • Bhoga Flowers, fruits, milk etc; given to king
  • Kara Additional cess
  • Bali Religious Tax
  • Uparikara Additional cess
  • Udranga Tax from permanent peasants
  • Hiranya Tax in cash
  • Vata Bhuta Tax for wind and water gods

The meaning of some other terms are as follows:

  • Khetra Cultivable land
  • Khila Barren land
  • Aprahata Jungle
  • Vasti Basti- Habitable land
  • Gapatha Saraha    Pastures

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