Consider the following statements with reference to Scheduled Tribes in India:
1. Odisha has the largest number of notified STs
2. Bhil and Gond are most populous scheduled tribes of India
3. All inhabitants / permanent residents of Lakshadweep are treated as Scheduled Tribe

Which among the above is / are correct statements?

Answer: [D] 1, 2 & 3

All statements are correct. Regarding third statement, we note that the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) (Union Territories) Order (Amendment) Act puts all inhabitants of Lakshadweep to be treated as  Scheduled Tribe if they are born in the Union Territory and both their parents were also born in the Union Territory.

This Bill removes the original condition that the person should be born in the islands. Any person born in the Indian mainland whose parents were inhabitants of the islands and who settles permanently in Lakshadweep is considered to be a member of a Scheduled Tribe of Lakshadweep.

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