With reference to the various rural settlement patterns found in India, consider the following observations:
1. Linear settlement pattern is very common in Terai region
2. Nebular pattern is generally seen in Ganga -Yamuna doab
3. Cross shaped settlements are generally found at the intersection of roads
Which among the above is / are correct statements?

Answer: [B] Only 2 & 3

Following pattern of rural settlements are generally recognized:

Linear Settlement

The linear settlement pattern is very common and develops parallel to the roads, river banks and canals. In Kerala mainly linear settlement pattern is found along the either sides of roads and lagoons.

Circular or Square Pattern

Circular settlement develops in the flat level lands, around a pond, tank, crater, hill top and a cattle corral, for example in West Bengal and Bihar settlements around a village pond is a common feature . In Africa and Europe, circular villages may be seen.

Cross Shaped

Cross shaped settlements begin as a small hamlet at the intersection of roads. Gradually, it grows along the roads on all sides and appears as a cross or a star depending upon the number of roads joining at a junction.

Nebular Pattern

When the shape of a settlement resembles to nebula, it is stated as nebular settlements. The arrangement of roads is almost circular. Generally the size of nebular settlements is small and they develop around the house of landlord of village, the mosque, temple or church. This type of settlement is mainly found in several villages of Ganga -Yamuna doab.

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