In 1950s, the modernist school of writing called Navya movement emerged in which of the following literatures in India?

Answer: [C] Kannada

The study of Kannada literature is divided into 3 movements:

  • Navodaya (1926-47)
  • Pragatisheela (1945-55)
  • Navya (1950-75)

The Navya is modernist movement. Though formally introduced by V. K. Gokak with his Navya Kavitegalu (“Modern Poems”, 1950), it was Gopalakrishna Adiga who best illustrated the spirit of the movement. Gopalakrishna Adiga is known as the father of this form of expression with his Nadedu Banda Dari (“The Path Traversed”, 1952). The most effective vehicles of the movement were Poetry and short story. The Navya authors questioned the time-honoured standards of plot of the Navodaya; life was seen not as a pursuit of already existing values, but as an introspective search for them, at times narrated in stream of consciousness technique.

Context of this question:

Eminent Kannada writer and one of the most heralded public intellectuals in the country, U.R. Ananthamurthy (82) passed away in recent months. He was considered to be one of the path-breakers of the Navya movement.

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