Which among the following is / are alternative routes available to ships if Strait of Malacca is blocked?
1. Lombok Strait
2. Sunda Strait
3. Cook Strait
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] Only 1 & 2

Strait of Malacca, located between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, links the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean. It is the shortest sea route between the Middle East and growing Asian markets – notably China, Japan, South Korea, and the Pacific Rim.

Malacca is a key chokepoint in Asia with a peak flow of 14 million bbl/d (2007). The narrowest point in Strait of Malacca is the Phillips Channel of the Singapore Strait. The Phillipse Channel only 1.7 miles wide creating a natural bottleneck, as well as potential for collisions, grounding, or oil spills. The region is also prone to piracy and hijackings, though the incidents have dropped significantly in recent years.

If Malacca Strait is blocked, around half of the world’s fleet would be required to use alternative routes around the Indonesian archipelago via Lombok Strait, located between Bali and Lombok. The second alternative is the Sunda Strait, located between Java and Sumatra.

The location of Cook strait is near New Zealand, so that option will be opted out.

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