With reference to the relations of British with the princely states, consider the following:
1. Policy of Ring Fence
2. Policy of Subordinate Co-operation and Union
3. Policy of Subordinate Isolation
Which among the following is the correct chronological order of the above?

Answer: [B] 1 3 2

There were 562 states with an area of 712, 508 sq. miles. Many states came into existence in the later  Mughal  period. An examination of the relations between the British and the Indian states suggests five stages :

  • 1740-1765. East India Company’s struggle for equality with Indian States.
  • 1765-1813. Policy of Ring Fence.
  • 18l3-1858. Policy of Subordinate Isolation.
  • 1858-1935. Policy of Subordinate Co-operation and Union.
  • 1935-1947. Policy of Equal Federation.

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