Consider the following observations related to Indus Valley Civilization:
1. Cattle were the main domestic animals of the Indus farmers
2. Most common among reared cattle was the ‘unicorn’ or one horned bovid
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [A] Only 1

The second statement is a trap. The unicorn is the most common animal on seals but it is mythical beast not real. The unicorn frequently shown on seals is also often identified as a bovid, perhaps the humpless bull whose representation with a single horn may be due to an artistic convention (which was common in the Near East) for depicting bovids that actually had two horns. Alternatively, it may be intended as a mythical, probably composite, beast. The latter is perhaps more likely because figurines of unicorns have also been found and because the individual features of the unicorn on the seals, such as the very long horn and the pricked ear, do not match any known bovid. Alternatively, it may be a local copy of a foreign (e.g., Near Eastern) depiction of a humpless bull, if this were the case it would provide evidence that the humpless bull was not present in the Indus civilization.

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