Consider the following matches:
1. Patan Patola→Gujarat
2. Channapatna toys→Karnataka
3. Nachiarkoil brass lamp→Tamil Nadu
Which among the above is / are correct?

Answer: [D] 1, 2 & 3

Patan Patola

“Patan Patola”, a double-sided saree from Gujarat.

Channapatna toys

The “Channapatna toys” are a particular form of wooden toys that are manufactured in Channapatna town in Karnataka state. The toys from this place are famous worldwide for their uniqueness. The traditional toys and dolls made of special wood in colours are protected as a geographical indication.

Nachiarkoil brass lamp

Traditional brass lamps from Nachiarkoil in Thanjavur district obtained the geographical indication (GI) tag. The traditional Nachiarkoil brass lamps are known as Nachiarkoil Kuthuvilakku. The production of the ornamental lamp is mainly done by local artisans who have domicile in and around Nachiarkoil, a town in Kumbakonam taluk. The craftsmanship is not found anywhere else. The lamps made for temples are artistically used in South India. The lamp usually consists of four parts—base (Keezhbagam), stem (kandam), oil container (Thanguli) and the apex or Prabhai. The Thanguli or oil container consists of V-shaped spouts to hold the wicks. These four parts are joined together with the help of screw threads. The lamps are suspended from the ceiling and richly decorated and always excellent in workmanship and design.

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