Consider the following statements with reference to the snakes found in India:
1. King cobra is one of the very few nest-building snakes
2. Himalayan Pit Viper is a viviparous snake
3. Eyelids and Internal ears are absent in all snakes
Which among the above is / are correct statements?

Answer: [A] Only 1 & 2

King cobra, one of the very few nest-building snakes, drags dead vegetation into a low heap by bending its body. The eggs are laid in a cavity at the centre of nest. Other snakes deposit their eggs in holes they have scooped out of sand or soft earth with their snout. Second statement is correct. Third is partially incorrect. Eyelids are absent in all snakes but they have internal ears. Snakes lack external ears (Tympanum and middle ear is absent in snakes).

Important Facts about Snakes

  • Study of snakes is known as Ophiology.
  • Fangs are poisonous teeth, which are modified maxillary teeth.
  • Poison glands are modified salivary glands.
  • Hydrophis and Himalayan Pit Viper snakes are viviparous.
  • Cobra and krait venom is neurotoxic, while Viper venom is haemotoxic.
  • Antivenin is used for the treatment snake bite.
  • Snakes can perceive sound waves passing through solid terrain of earth only.
  • Jacobson’s organs are the olfactory organs of snakes.
  • Venom is proteinous and acidic in nature.
  • Snakes can digest hairs, feathers and horns.

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