Japanese encephalitis:
1. is a mosquito-borne viral disease
2. more prevalent in Eastern parts of India, in comparison to Western Parts
3. can cause mental retardation in Children
4. can be prevented by JENVAC
Which among the above is / are correct?

Answer: [D] 1, 2, 3 & 4

Japanese encephalitis is caused by a mosquito-borne virus. Eastern India is the most-affected region by this killer disease particularly Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Assam. Since the virus attacks the brain of the child, the chances of the child becoming mentally retarded are high.

Development of killed vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis (JE): (Useful for prevention of Japanese Encephalitis): The first indigenously developed Japanese Encephalitis vaccine (JENVAC) under Public Private Partnership was launched on 4th October, 2013. The indigenous virus strain was isolated and characterized by the ICMR’S National Institute of Virology at Pune and the strains were transferred to Bharat Biotech for further vaccine development.

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