Consider the following:
1. Coal Bed Methane
2. Shale Oil
3. Shale Gas
Which among the above is / are being produced in India currently?

Answer: [A] Only 1

Economic Survey – 6.32

Coal Bed Methane (CBM): Out of the total available coal-bearing area of 26,000 sq. km for CBM exploration in the country, exploration has been initiated in about 17,000 sq. km. The estimated CBM resources in the country are about 92 trillion cubic feet (TFC), of which only 9.9 TCF has so far been established. Commercial

Production of CBM in India has now become a reality with current production of about 0.60 million metric standard cubic metre per day (MMSCMD).

Economic Survey – 6.33

Shale Oil and Gas: Under the first phase of assessment of shale oil and gas, fifty Petroleum Exploration Lease (PEL) / Petroleum Mining Lease (PML) blocks have been awarded to ONGC and five to OIL. These blocks are located in Assam (6), Arunachal Pradesh (1), Gujarat (28), Rajasthan (1), Andhra Pradesh (10), and Tamil Nadu (9). ONGC has drilled one well and spudded another in Cambay Basin, Gujarat, for assessment of shale gas/shale oil potential of Cambay Basin.

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