With reference to the current trends in Indian exports, consider the following regions:

1. Europe

2. America

3. Asia

4. Africa

There has been a consistent increase in India’s exports to which among the above in recent years?

Answer: [C] Only 3 & 4

Economic Survey 1.54:

There has been significant market diversification in India’s trade in recent years—a process that has helped cope with the sluggish global demand, which owes to a great extent to the weakness in the Eurozone. Region-wise, India’s export shares to Europe and America have declined over the years from 23.6 per cent and 20.1 per cent respectively in 2004-05 to 18.6 per cent and 17.2 per cent respectively in 2013-14. Conversely, shares of India’s exports to Asia and Africa have increased from 47.9 per cent and 6.7 per cent respectively in 2004-05 to 49.4 per cent and 9.9 per cent respectively in 2013-14.

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