On the basis of which of the following issues, the Arya Samaj split into two factions in the last decade of 19th century?
1. Meat-eating vs Vegetarianism
2. Anglicized vs Sanskrit-based education
3. Religious conversion and Shuddhi
4. Infallibility of Vedas
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [A] 1 & 2

On the issue of diet and policy of education, the Arya Samaj split into two groups. The first group favored a meat diet and western education. Their argument was that there was no reference of meat eating or not eating in the 10 principles of the Arya Samaj. This group was headed by the College Party of which the leader was Mahatma Hansraj. The second group favoured strict vegetarianism and Gurukula type of education. This group was headed by Swami Shraddhanand.

While Mahatma Hansraj established Orinetal Anglo Vedic College in Lahore in 1886, Swami Shraddhananda established the Gurukul Kangri university in 1901 at Haridwar.

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