What is enumerated in the Agriculture Census in India every five years?
1. Land use and cropping patterns
2. Irrigation status of lands
3. Animal Husbandry patterns
4. Presence of Agriculture Industries
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [B] 1 & 2

Periodic Agriculture Censuses are important as these are the main source of information on basic characteristics of operational holdings such  as land use and cropping patterns, irrigation status, tenancy particulars and the terms of leasing. This  information is tabulated by different size classes and social groups including Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes which are needed for  development planning, socio-economic policy formulation and establishment of national priorities. The census also  provides the basis for the development of a comprehensive integrated national system of agricultural statistics and has links with various  components of the national statistical system. The whole project of Agriculture Census in the country is implemented  in three distinct phases, which are statistically linked together but focus on different aspects of agricultural statistics. In Phase-I, a list of  holdings with their area and social characteristics and gender of the holders is prepared. In Phase-II, detailed data  on agricultural characteristics of holdings are collected from selected villages. Thus the whole operation of Agriculture Census in India is not  really a complete Census. In fact, it is a combination of Census and Sample Survey. In this question statement 3 comes under livestock  census and 4 is also not a choice.

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