At which among the following times, vote on account is passed by Lok Sabha?

Answer: [B] After general discussion and before discussion on demands for grants

As the whole process of Budget beginning with its presentation and ending with discussion and voting of demands for grants and passing of Appropriation Bill and Finance Bill generally goes beyond the current financial year, a provision has been made in the Constitution empowering the Lok Sabha to make any grant in advance through a vote on account to enable the Government to carry on until the voting of demands for grants and the passing of the Appropriation Bill and Finance Bill.

Normally, the vote on account is taken for two months for a sum equivalent to one sixth of the estimated expenditure for the entire year under various demands for grants. During an election year, the vote on account may be taken for a longer period say, 3 to 4 months if it is anticipated that the main demands and the Appropriation Bill will take longer than two months to be passed by the House.

As a convention vote on account is treated as a formal matter and passed by Lok Sabha without discussion. Vote on account is passed by Lok Sabha after the general discussion on the Budget (General and Railway) is over and before the discussion on demands for grants is taken up.

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