As various steps towards the Nuclear Non-proliferation, the Government of India has:
1. adopted a no first use policy whereby it has pledged to not to use nuclear weapons unless first attacked
2. placed a self-imposed moratorium on nuclear tests
3. signed and ratified the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty
4. does not allow the transfer of Nuclear Weapons Technology to other nations
5. has placed all its nuclear power plants under inspection of IAEA
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [D] Only 1, 2 & 4

India has a no first use policy, a pledge not to use nuclear weapons unless first attacked by an adversary using nuclear weapons. India has also self-imposed a moratorium since 1998 on not to test the nuclear weapons. India has not signed the treaty not because of its lack of commitment for non-proliferation, but because it considers NPT as a flawed treaty which does not recognize the need for universal, non-discriminatory verification and treatment.

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