The purpose of using detergents in Milk adulteration is to __:

Answer: [A] To dissolve the fats in water

Detergent has been found to be the youngest entry among the list of adulterants in milk; used for the emulsification of externally added vegetable fat. The other ingredients being used for preparing milk like formulation are urea, salt, soda, sucrose, vegetable oils, skim milk powder, water etc. The liquid thus formed has the similar appearance as of genuine milk (colour and consistency) and found to be used for adulteration. Generally synthetic milk is prepared by adding detergent to emulsify and dissolve oil in water to give frothy solution the characteristic white colour of milk, followed by addition of caustic soda to neutralise acidity which  prevents it from turning sour during transportation. Urea, sugar and salt are  also added in this milk for solid and non- fat value adjustments. Then this milk is mixed in various proportions with natural milk. It appears that some milk vendors including packaging milk vendors have mastered this trick of adulteration for huge profit margins.

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