Consider the following pairs:
Navigation Satellite System : Country
1. BeiDou : Japan
2. GLONASS : Russia
3. Quasi-Zenith: Europian Union
Which of the above pairs is/are correctly matched?

Answer: [A] 2 Only

GLONASSis a Russia's global navigation system. Fully operational worldwide.
Galileo is a global system being developed by theEuropean Unionand other partner countries, planned to be operational by 2016 (and fully deployed by 2020).
Beidouis a People's Republic of China's regional system, currently limited to Asia and the West Pacific.
COMPASSis a People's Republic of China's global system, planned to be operational by 2020.
IRNSSis a India's regional navigation system, covering India and Northern Indian Ocean.
QZSS is a Japanese regional system covering Asia andOceania.

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