The “Imprint India” initiative launched by Indian government:

Answer: [A] seeks to develop a road map for research to solve major engineering and technology challenges in country

First option is the correct answer.IMPRINT INDIA is the joint initiative of IIT’s and IISC to give boost to scientifuc research within the country. IMPRINT India will focus on ten themes with each to be coordinated by one IIT/IISc, namely computer science and ICT (IIT Kharagpur), health care (IIT Kharagpur), advance materials, (IIT Kanpur), sustainable urban design (IIT Roorkee), water resources and river systems (IIT Kanpur), defence (IIT Madras), environmental science and climate change ( IISc, Bangalore), manufacturing(IIT Madras), nano-technology hardware (IIT Bombay) and energy security (IIT Bombay).

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