The Indo-Burmese Arc (IBA) is famous as__:

Answer: [B] active subduction zone leading to frequent earthquakes

The region consists of Indo-Burman ranges (IBR; Arakan Yoma, Chin Hills and Naga Hills, from south to north), the Myanmar Central Basin (MCB) and the eastern highlands of Shan plateau. IBR is an arcuate sedimentary belt with N–S trend of folded mountain chain, formed by Cenozoic rocks with Triassic metamorphic basement. It is considered as an active accretionary wedge linked to eastward subduction of the Bengal basin oceanic crust. The zone is marked by high seismicity, high erosion, high uplift and exhumation rates6. Due to the complex nature, geodynamic setting, plate motion and other geodynamic processes in the region are largely unknown. The region has gained attention for the plate motion and earthquake occurrence process. The construction in the area is largely traditional. There are no high rises buildings, houses are flatter. The region is sparsely populated.

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