Consider the following:

  1. National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)
  2. Multi Agency Centre (MAC)
  3. National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO)

Which of the above is / are related to anti-terrorism preparedness in India?

Answer: [D] 1, 2 & 3

National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)
NATGRID is a robust intelligence gathering mechanism to track any suspected terror attack. All the databases of government departments are linked in a grid to collect comprehensive patterns of intelligence that can be readily accessed by intelligence agencies like RAW, IB, ED, CBEC etc. The information collected includes tax and bank account details, credit card transactions, visa and immigration records, and rail and air travel details etc. It is not yet fully operationalised.
Multi Agency Centre (MAC)
MAC, which functions under the Intelligence Bureau, is the nodal agency for sharing intelligence inputs. Although it was in place since 2002, it was revamped after 26/11 attacks. Every agency, and Central Police Organisation, has an officer to coordinate with MAC and shareintelligence on a daily basis. At the state level also there is an SMAC functioning in a similar manner.
National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO)
It is a technical intelligence agency set up in 2004 under the National Security Adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office, India. It provides technical intelligence to all other Indian agencies. 

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