Despite of large verity of renewable and non-renewable energy resources; Indian power industry faces huge challenges. Which of the following is/are major challenges faced by Indian power sector?

  1. Low  energy efficiency
  2. High load factor
  3. Low Utilization factor
  4. High AC & T losses

Select the correct code from options given below:

Answer: [C] Only 1, 3 & 4

More than 65 % of the installed power plants in India are thermal based power plants, which have low energy efficiency of around 30 %. Load factor is defined as average energy demand (load) to the maximum demand. Indian power plants are suffering from low load factor rather. Further, due to lack of continuous availability of coal or fuel the power plants are able to produce less than their installed capacity; thus low utilization factor. Also, high distribution-line losses are among the most vexing problems in the Indian power sector. India's aggregate technical and commercial losses average about 32% of electricity which is very high as compared to those developed countries (6-11%). 

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