Which among the following features are generally present in Indus Valley Civilization?
1. Large-scale state owned storage facilities
2. Military force
3. Palaces and special burials for rich
4. Well-attested overseas trade

Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [D] Only 4

This question pertains to the doubtful knowledge about the Harappan political organization. Harappan political organization has been endlessly debated. Evidence is extremely limited and open to many different interpretations. The highly organized system of craft production, the uniformity in artifacts, the planned layout of urban settlements, the well-attested overseas trade, and other distinctive aspects of Indus culture indicate the existence of occupational specialization and an overarching system of organization and control. However, many of the characteristic features of hierarchical states, such as palaces, rich burials, large-scale state storage facilities, and a military force for internal policing and external aggression, so visible in other civilizations, are apparently absent. What makes the situation even more puzzling is the sheer size of the Indus polity. In the face of this mystery, some scholars argue that the Indus civilization was not a state at all and seek other explanations for its striking uniformities.

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