Consider the following statements:
1. Article 14 of the constitution of India mandates that unequal cannot be treated equally
2. The principle of equality before law means that there should be equality of treatment under equal circumstances
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

Answer: [A] Only 1

It may be noted that the right to equality has been declared by Supreme Court as basic feature of the Constitution. The preamble to the Constitution emphasizes upon the principle of equality as basic to the constitution. This means that even a constitutional amendment offending the right to equality will be declared invalid. Neither parliament nor any state legislature can transgress the principle of equality. This principle has been recently reiterated by the Supreme Court in Badappanavar case in 2001 gave the following words: “Equality is a basic feature of the constitution of India and any treatment of equals unequally or unequal as equal will be violation of basis structure of the constitution of India.” So, the concept of equality gives the idea of oneness, unity and integrity of the nation.

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