The average monthly winter temperature has been recorded much higher in Northern India in 2015 as compared to several previous years. Which of the following is/are to be responsible for this sudden change in climatic behaviour?

  1. La Nina-Phenomenon in Equatorial Pacific Ocean
  2. Shift of Westerlies northward of Indian landmass
  3. Indian Ocean Dipole
  4. Southward alignment of the jet streams

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Answer: [C] Only 2 & 4

First statement is incorrect because it is not La-Nina, but El-Nino, which is responsible for sudden change. Indian Ocean Dipole is an El Nino-like phenomenon in the Indian Ocean for shorter period when compared to El-Nino which has a life span of 12-18 months. But IOD is not held responsible for warmer winter temperature.

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